Daaaamn Daniel!

  Back at it again with a shot at blogging. To be honest it's not that I don't want to do these, I'm just not very good at writing. Stay in school kids, don't be like Daniel. lol. Anywho, the main reason I am giving this yet another shot is because I am sick and tired of seeing how poorly social media apps/websites butcher images by rasterizing them to death. Photography is meant to be viewed and enjoyed on a larger scale, not a 2"x3" screen on your phone (which I am sure many of you are reading this on). At least here you can view these the way they were meant to be viewed, a higher resolution.

  If you don't already know these two ladies, they are my friends Emma Vauxdevil from the big ol' state of Texas, and my local pal Christine. Check them both out, they are amazing people as you can see with these beautiful images I was able to capture of them.