instax shoot

  Two posts in less than one week, must be all the caffeine I had today or testosterone (we'll talk about that some other time 💪🏽). For the month of September I am offering a crazy $100 shoot deal. Most of the money is going to cover the cost for more film for a project I want to do when it cools down (HA! Those of us living in Vegas can chuckle at that one 🔥🔥). The shoot is simple, 1 hour block (or sooner if we feel we got the shots), after that you can choose which 10 images you like, I print them on the spot (or at a nice little coffee shop) with my printer, and I will also send you the jpg's you chose. These will be simple images, no retouching, straight out of the camera. Just shoot me an e-mail with the title "instax shoot" to book your session!!

  Hope to hear from you soon!

Wood Etch.jpg