More human than human

Hello hello my friends! How has everyone been lately? Weather has been beautiful now that summer is done and over with. Raise of hands who has seen the masterpiece known as Blade Runner 2049!!! Phenomenal film. I am listening to the score for like the 1000x time right now.


It was my birthday yesterday so going to the shows to see this was my treat to myself and I can honestly say it was an amazing gift. Our Golden Knights beating the Dallas Stars for their very first regular season game was also another glorious gift but we can discuss hockey some other time. I was a little nervous heading in to the theater as I've seen how many sequels, prequels, remakes and so forth have been butchered by Hollywood these last few years but an hour into this flick and I knew I wasn't going to leave disappointed.


It's hard to talk about the film without giving away any spoilers so you're just going to have to take mine and many other peoples words on how great of a film it is. I do plan on seeing it again as there were a few things I was a bit puzzled about. You might want to do yourself a favor and watch the original again to refresh your memory otherwise you might be questioning yourself on certain moments, and if you havent seen it, for shaaaaaaaame. 


This was a fun little shoot that was actually inspired from the original film. Christine and I did these earlier this year (or late last year, bad memory, result of aging. lol). I'm a sucker for neon lighting and Christine is such an awesome gal in front of the lens I knew she was the one for this shoot.


Seriously though, if you enjoy good sci-fi stories catch this gem while it's still playing in the theaters. I don't think you'll regret it. And if you're in town and want to do a shoot like this, e-mail me and I'll quote you what this would cost and we'll do something awesome like this. Enjoy the rest of the images and enjoy the weekend. Take care peeps!!


No, not boo as in a disapproval, I was trying to scare you but I guess that didn't work. Sigh. How are you all?? Halloween is next month!!! Are you as excited as I am?!?!?! Not only am I stoked for the spooky holiday but we will finally get SOME COOLER WEATHER!!! I am over this desert heat!!

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting another kitty loving comrade, Amber Deville. We were shooting for a magazine but she just so happened to have some creepy wardrobe with her so we got all spooky like and created these fun images.


Amber is as cool as they come by. She really got in the zone as soon as we threw on some green gels. Her gray colored wig complimented the scene puuurfectly!!

I had these skulls sitting around for ages. My wife could never figure out why. Well hun, now you know.

I had these skulls sitting around for ages. My wife could never figure out why. Well hun, now you know.

The one thing I love about her is how crazy she is. I find myself drawn to the more eccentric type and she's right up in my alley. Just take a look at these and you can see why. 

Even I'm not sure what's going on here.

Even I'm not sure what's going on here.

I will be booking spooky shoots for the witch season but act fast! Halloween is approaching and you'll def want your photos before then!! Contact me for pricing and availability!

Somebody say donuts & roller skates?

Yooo!! How's everyone doing?? *crickets* Well, for the one or two of you that actually read this check out these spectacular images that Annalee Belle, Keely Zelanka, and myself created not too long ago.


Annalee contacted me about a week before this shoot and asked if I was interested in shooting some latex from Westward Bound with sparkly roller skates provided by Too Faced Cosmetics on my soft pink backdrop. Bruuuuuuuh, what kind of question is that?? Hell to the mutha truckin yes!!! What was not to love about this shoot??


On top of that she had brought in cupcakes and donuts which sealed the deal. Who am I to deny a pastry?? I'll give up both my kidneys for half a dozen! This shoot was amazing from beginning to end. She brought in Keely for make up and hair. This was my first time working with her and she did a phenomenal job as you can see in the images. Latex was provided by Westward Bound. I've been trying to work with more latex as of late. We had a slight concern about her blending in with so much pink but after a few adjustments in post production I found the perfect balance of colors. 


Too Faced sent her this glitter palette along with THE MOST ELECTRIFYING pair of roller skates I have EVER seen. I'm not going to lie, I had a little bit of envy in my eyes after seeing them but let's be real, what the hell am I going to do with glitter skates?? Stare at them all day, that's what. I hope to work with everyone involved with this team in the future. It was a fun, sparkly, and tasty day that I hope to replicate again in the future. 


instax shoot

  Two posts in less than one week, must be all the caffeine I had today or testosterone (we'll talk about that some other time 💪🏽). For the month of September I am offering a crazy $100 shoot deal. Most of the money is going to cover the cost for more film for a project I want to do when it cools down (HA! Those of us living in Vegas can chuckle at that one 🔥🔥). The shoot is simple, 1 hour block (or sooner if we feel we got the shots), after that you can choose which 10 images you like, I print them on the spot (or at a nice little coffee shop) with my printer, and I will also send you the jpg's you chose. These will be simple images, no retouching, straight out of the camera. Just shoot me an e-mail with the title "instax shoot" to book your session!!

  Hope to hear from you soon!

Wood Etch.jpg

Daaaamn Daniel!

  Back at it again with a shot at blogging. To be honest it's not that I don't want to do these, I'm just not very good at writing. Stay in school kids, don't be like Daniel. lol. Anywho, the main reason I am giving this yet another shot is because I am sick and tired of seeing how poorly social media apps/websites butcher images by rasterizing them to death. Photography is meant to be viewed and enjoyed on a larger scale, not a 2"x3" screen on your phone (which I am sure many of you are reading this on). At least here you can view these the way they were meant to be viewed, a higher resolution.

  If you don't already know these two ladies, they are my friends Emma Vauxdevil from the big ol' state of Texas, and my local pal Christine. Check them both out, they are amazing people as you can see with these beautiful images I was able to capture of them.