More human than human

Hello hello my friends! How has everyone been lately? Weather has been beautiful now that summer is done and over with. Raise of hands who has seen the masterpiece known as Blade Runner 2049!!! Phenomenal film. I am listening to the score for like the 1000x time right now.


It was my birthday yesterday so going to the shows to see this was my treat to myself and I can honestly say it was an amazing gift. Our Golden Knights beating the Dallas Stars for their very first regular season game was also another glorious gift but we can discuss hockey some other time. I was a little nervous heading in to the theater as I've seen how many sequels, prequels, remakes and so forth have been butchered by Hollywood these last few years but an hour into this flick and I knew I wasn't going to leave disappointed.


It's hard to talk about the film without giving away any spoilers so you're just going to have to take mine and many other peoples words on how great of a film it is. I do plan on seeing it again as there were a few things I was a bit puzzled about. You might want to do yourself a favor and watch the original again to refresh your memory otherwise you might be questioning yourself on certain moments, and if you havent seen it, for shaaaaaaaame. 


This was a fun little shoot that was actually inspired from the original film. Christine and I did these earlier this year (or late last year, bad memory, result of aging. lol). I'm a sucker for neon lighting and Christine is such an awesome gal in front of the lens I knew she was the one for this shoot.


Seriously though, if you enjoy good sci-fi stories catch this gem while it's still playing in the theaters. I don't think you'll regret it. And if you're in town and want to do a shoot like this, e-mail me and I'll quote you what this would cost and we'll do something awesome like this. Enjoy the rest of the images and enjoy the weekend. Take care peeps!!